Golem Finance Identity

A System Created from Building Blocks

Golem Finance is one of the biggest consultants on housing finance on the Czech market. Their experts all around the Czech Republic helped more than 30.000 clients to obtain money for their dream home.


The brand’s visual style hasn’t changed since it was founded in 2006. There was no manual to unify its communication, which is why creating new materials was lengthy, ineffective, and costly for the client. As a result, there was no unified visual identity.


Golem helps its clients to build new homes, which is why we sought inspiration in construction, taking building blocks as a core idea. The beauty of the geometric forms created a versatile element for all corporate identity materials. The straight forward nature of this concept makes it intuitive and easy to understand. The new corporate identity of the Golem Finance brand can be used in many original ways while making a friendly and professional impression.

The Golem Finance company plans to further expand and diversify via a number of daughter companies. A fact which needed to be taken into account when working on the project. We came up with a system that allows to expand the brand easily without the need to create a new visual style. We decided to design symbols formed by the initial letters of the daughter brand names using the building blocks. This variability allows us to react promptly, create a new logo, and consistently maintain the intended visual style.

Another base component of the visual identity is a wide range of complementary colours. Combining the colours in this palette, Golem is able to nuance the tone of communication – from serious to friendly and playful. We have created three additional shades for each colour, which also allows us to design monochromatic materials, save printing costs, and create collections.

The custom-tailored Golem Expert font boasts a geometric design linked to the building blocks theme. With open ends and higher x-height, it’s ideal for online communication, as well as for printing. Four font weights were created for basic use.

We used illustrations to help facilitate the understanding of the complex financial terminology. Illustrations also help website users to understand the necessary information and processes. We cooperated with Aliona Baranova on creating the illustrations and their subsequent animation.

The new website was meant to be one of the company’s key communication channels. After an extensive analysis of the original website, we designed the UX that would maximise the availability of all information on two clicks at most. We then transformed it into interactive wireframes, which helped us simulate the overall functionality of the site. We created the site using the Divi WordPress template, which streamlined the creation process and allowed Golem Finance to invest more in creating quality content.

The visual identity proposal further consisted of the creation of an online brand manual divided into three basic parts. The first part introduces the brand and its story, marketing strategy, and communication style. The second part, the manual itself, contains a set of guidelines on correct handling of the newly created visual identity. The last part consists of templates with open data to create business cards, posters, letterheaded paper, and other materials. The whole website is split into a public and non-public section with different user rights settings. The online version of the manual guarantees the most up-to-date version of data to all visitors with an internet connection.

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  • Visual Communication
  • Brand Manual
  • Bespoke Typeface
  • Illustration
  • UX Design
  • Wireframe Design
  • Web Design
  • Programming

We have crafted a simple system for creating an unlimited number of symbols for daughter brands.

The secondary palette’s wide colour range enables adapting materials to specific moments and situations.

The variability of the building blocks theme provides the company identity with countless original visual solutions.

All block shapes were created on a predefined grid which helps maintain visual consistency. Building blocks are used as functional and decorative elements on all materials.

We designed a custom-tailored geometric typeface to complement the visual identity.

Golem Expert

We are experts in housing finances.

Original illustrations help visitors to navigate through the difficult world of housing finances.

The illustrations were drawn and then animated by Aliona Baranova.

Our system enables creating new company materials quickly and easily.

Template wallpapers are the foundation for creating printed and digital materials.

The grid serves to set the correct content format on a page. It helps to reduce time and resources spent on typesetting and prepress preparations.

The base grid splits the space within layout margins into thirds. Finer splitting of the grid is calculated by halving these thirds. Any other format is based on this system.

The web structure makes all information available on two clicks at most.

Creating the golemfinance.cz website meant completely designing its structure as well.

Interactive wireframes simplified and refined testing, subsequent implementation of the final design, and programming.

Wireframes of New Website golemfinance.cz.

The website was created in the WordPress CMS using the Divi template, which allowed investing time and resources into quality content creation.

The online manual has the advantage of up-to-date content available from anywhere.

The manual is divided into three sections containing public and non-public parts.

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