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The Green Tree Distillery is the oldest distillery of its kind in Europe. It was founded in July 1518 and has resided in Prostějov since. The distillery produces more than 10 different kinds of spirits under the Royal brand, including the most famous ones such as Stará myslivecká and Hanácká vodka.


The Royal products are generally perceived as lower quality alcohol at an affordable price on the Czech market. Customers aren’t able to distinguish them in shops and often confuse them with competing products.


We have come up with a new label design for all Royal bottles. We reinvented the symbol of the Royal brand itself into a minimalist modern feature. The original letter “R” was replaced with a royal crown embedded into a shield and framed by the slogan “Royal Spirit, Royal Recipe” from both sides.

The new label design consists of only three colours, a combination of black, white, and the shade corresponding to the colour of the specific spirit. Each product is therefore easy to identify.

The main theme of each label is an originally depicted ingredient, essential for producing the particular spirit, and its cultivation. So, for example, we replaced the traditional pirate ship on the Tuzemák label with a potato illustration. The minimalist, timeless style of the labels consists of fine lines and it adds a touch of uniqueness and elegance to each bottle. We created the illustrations in cooperation with Fayz Teo.

To streamline the whole process, we created a simple guide for the illustrator indicating where and in what size the individual elements should be placed.

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Modern labels elevated the brand to a new level.

Source: The Green Tree Distillery archive.

The illustrations represent the ingredient essential for producing the spirit and refer to the tradition of its cultivation.

Source: The Green Tree Distillery archive.

To create new illustrations accurately and quickly, we defined a grid on the label that determines the location of all illustration parts to avoid interference with other elements.

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